Submit My Snapchat Filter for Me

Submit My Snapchat Filter for Me

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Please read everything before purchasing.


1. Click "Add to Cart".
2. Let me know your info in Notes to Seller: 

  • Date of your event
  • Address
  • Start time
  • End time

3. I will send you a screenshot of the date/time/location for you to confirm
4. Once confirmed, I will submit the geofilter to snapchat and send you the approval.


  • PNG file ready to be uploaded to Snapchat, sent to you via the email address linked to your order within the Turnaround time selected, (Even on Weekends)
  • 1 Proof Included


  • Please Make Sure Geofilters Are Available in Your Area
  • Once design work is started no refund is provided.
  • This Listing does not include the upload fee to Snapchat.
  • Snapchat fees are based on time and location size.
  • It is recommended to upload at least 1 business day before your event so Snapchat has time to approve the file you submit.
  • No guarantee on Snapchat approval times so please purchase 1 day in advance. 
  • High traffic cities such as Las Vegas, NYC, San Francisco, etc. charge an average of $10-$15 for about 20,000 square ft. for about 4 hours. If this happens I will send you a screenshot of the total additional charges and amount needed to submit your filter.
  • We do not guarantee Snapchat approval time.
  • Snapchat Does Not allow both first and last names, or hashtags.
  • You have to submit it to Snapchat and pay submission fees. Snapchat charges $5 per 20,000 square feet with an 8-hour minimum.***
  • To find out more about snapchat geofilters, check out the Snapchat On-demand Geofilters FAQs: